Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moving Day

So, new blog.  Well, same blog, new site.  I wasn't being very good about updating.  Okay, I was completely and utterly negligent about updating and then I'd feel guilty for wasting money on Typepad, which made me anxious about going anywhere near my dashboard and so I'd put off posting some more and blah blah blah vicious-cycle-avoidance-cakes.  It's extra special when my need for ongoing therapy pops its head up to say hi during activities that are not only supposed to be fun but also my idea in the first place.  I mean, really, who gets worried about what her blog hosting site thinks of her?  A crazy person, that's who.  Possibly one who got an iPhone and therefore had a partner in avoidance because how am I supposed start a new, free blog from that and oh, look, FourSquare!

(Confession - I don't play FourSquare.  I don't even know what it is, really.  I mostly use the phone to take blurry pictures of my always moving baby.  I also have a crossword app but I suck at it.)

Anyway, that brings us to here, to the new blog, the (I'm hoping) Fresh Start, where I will (try my level best to) update more frequently than, say, Halley's Comet is likely to pass by. 

... yeah, I'm not exactly tingling with confidence in that last statement either.  We'll just give it a shot and see how it goes. 

And now, onto the blurry iPhone baby pictures.

There are actually about fifteen more pictures in the Feeding Himself French Fries series, so count yourself lucky that I didn't subject you to them all.  Especially the ones after he noticed the camera and kept trying to grab for it, which most prominently feature a grainy, blurry hand speckled with bits of potato.

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  1. LOL...the Feeding Himself French Fries series...heheheh! Welcome to Blogger, Enjoy your stay!