Monday, October 18, 2010

In Genius

When Eli was less than a month old, he got a diaper rash.  THE diaper rash, the one to rival all other diaper rashes.  One night before bed, I noticed that he was looking a bit red and by the next afternoon... well, we were talking ulcerations.  It was bad.  The doctor prescribed a steroid/anti-fungal cream which didn't do much more than keep it from getting worse.  Luckily, we had a visit with a woman at the hospital breast-feeding clinic that week, who gave us a few samples of a silicone based cream they use in the NICU.  And seriously, by the next day, his ass was barely red.  A miracle.

Still, we rethought how we were doing things and decided to switch to cloth diapers.  The only problem?  We didn't have the money to invest in good, brand-name all-in-one diapers and I was completely overwhelmed with the idea of the ones I'd have to fold, so we ended up with a box of second hand no name deals that had the absorbency of a Q-tip and refused to stay closed.  We stuck with it as long as we could and even tried a few Kushies brand but I quickly got sick of changing Eli's entire outfit every hour or two.  So we gave up and went back to disposables, though we continued to use cloth wipes for a long time.

Recently, I once again found myself reading about cloth diapering and longingly perusing online suppliers and sales.  Eli's still a long way from being potty trained and we know we want more kids - it just makes sense.  The more I looked, the more convinced I became.  I wanted to go for it.

When Pete came home, I pitched my idea - we'll use some of the money that Eli got for his baptism to get a start (I found a good deal for a dozen online), then buy a couple of diapers a month and eventually be able to give the disposables the boot completely.  He signed on, but only if we could do a trial run before forking over for the bulk-order online deal.  So I took a drive to a specialty baby store and brought back two bumGenius brand all-in-ones.

And fell in love.  They are adorable.  They come in different colours (though sadly, no red).  They fit him well.  They're easy to wash and come remarkably clean.

Oh, and they DON'T LEAK!  Score one for the green team.

Pete is taking a little longer to come around, since he's afraid we'll make the investment and then back out again, but I feel confident that I'll get my way it'll all work out.

And be honest - is this not the cutest bum you've ever seen?


  1. Um, clearly the cutest bum I ever saw. The blue matches his eyes!


  2. You'd love these, Steph. They'd appeal to your crafty nature.