Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Usually, if we go out to eat, Eli gets bits of whatever we're having to supplement his applesauce and cheerios and whatever the heck I might have thrown in the diaper bag on the way out the door.  Yesterday, though, neither Pete nor I were interested in anything kid friendly (French Onion soup? Not easily fed to the under one set, especially considering it took forever to cool enough for me to eat) so we weighed the pros and cons and decide to order him something off the kids menu.  Which, hello milestone.  Forget first steps.  We've officially reached the point where we have to really plan what we're going to feed him while we're out or shell out the five bucks to get him real food.

A touch of formula will no longer satisfy his hunger and woe unto the person who thinks a hastily purchased jar of baby food will do anything but offend his palate.  He wants fries or vegetable soup or hummus.  And you'd better be willing to offer up a taste of whatever you're having.  My baby has an opinion on this sort of thing and he will make sure that his views are Respected, come hell or high water.

He got a tiny hamburger and a handful of fries, which suited him just fine.

Of course, step one was dissecting it.

And he went for the bun first, carb-lover that he is.

But in the end, he ate the whole patty, a bunch of fries and threw the bun on the floor.

So yeah, I'm sort of weirdly proud of him, eating his own meal and even dessert (scoop of ice cream, no pictures because it took a lot of stealth to allow him some but not all of that bowl-full).  It's like he's turning into a real person or something.  Who'd have thunk it?

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  1. LOVE the photo documentation. He really is a tiny person, isn't he?!